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Sunday, October 04, 2015



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Global Gardens 2014 CSA Shares now Available!

       CSA share

Did you know that when you shop at the store, 79% of your food dollars are spent on marketing, packaging, and distribution?!   Only 21% goes to the farmer.*  When you join our CSA, 100% of your food dollars go to support a Boise Refugee Farmer.

All of our produce is spray-free and produced right here in Boise!

*data from the University of Wisconsin.


What is a CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It’s like a subscription program to our farm.  You pay one price for the whole season, and each week from late May through the first of October, you get a delicious bag of whatever produce is available from the farm.  We grow our vegetables using organic methods and don't use any agrochemicals in the production of your food.

We have our CSA pickup on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 4:30 pm til 6, at our community garden on 30th and Jordan Streets, or Sundays from 10 - 2 at Bown Crossing. We're also exploring options for a pickup at St. Luke's Downtown, probably on Mondays.


How much food will I get?

You will get a beautiful Global Gardens locally made produce bag as part of your CSA subscription.  Each week our members get one of these bags full of produce, usually 6-10 different vegetables.  You’ll also get a copy of our original Global Gardens Cookbook to help you keep it interesting and learn to cook new kinds of veggies.

 The CSA is made up of a cooperative of refugee growers, and includes food from several different refugee farms, including cooperative groups and individual refugees who are starting up their own farm businesses.  The Tuesday and Sunday pickup will be mainly supplied by Abdi Haji of Umoja na Uhuru World Farm (one of our program graduates), and the Thursday pickup will be supplied by a group of our beginning farmers.  Our staff keeps an eye on which vegetables the farmers have ready for you each week, and helps them select and harvest the freshest seasonal produce at it's peak of ripeness. 

 By joining Global Gardens CSA, you are directly supporting refugee families by buying their produce.  You are enabling refugees to become business owners, to develop entrepreneurial skills that are transferrable to many jobs, to improve their English, and to spend quality time with their families and communities while growing and eating nutritious local produce.  What a good choice!




Here’s what a full CSA bag looks like!


What kinds of vegetables do CSA members get?

You get seasonal produce grown right here in Idaho, which means that you get different things throughout the summer.  Here are some things that you could expect:

May/June: Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, radishes, turnips, beets, carrots, peas, onions, garlic, bok choi, strawberries.

July: Lettuce, carrots, swiss chard, kale, mchicha (an African green) peas, green beans, zucchini, peppers, beets, turnips, cucumbers, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, basil.

August: Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, corn, peppers, eggplants, basil, tomatillos, onions, leeks, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, green beans, melons, potatoes.

September:  Tomatoes, zucchini, tomatillos, cucumbers, corn, peppers, eggplant, melons, onions, leeks, winter squash, pumpkins, lettuce, spinach, kale.



How much does it cost?

We offer several options:

For pricing and to sign up, please click here to visit our new website!  


 Usually CSA customers pay up front, prior to the growing season so that farmers can use these funds to purchase seeds, tools, compost, and other necessities.  We do need most of our customers to do this.  We plan on selling up to 80 shares and will be accepting members on a first-come, first- served basis.

However, it’s also important to us that our produce be accessible to eaters of various economic realities, and we understand that not everyone has the money up front.  You are welcome to send us a deposit to reserve your share and make several payments before the start of the CSA.  You can also purchase a spring share and decide later whether to purchase the summer share, if space is available.  We can make this work for you!  Just ask. 

However, unless you are using an EBT card, YOU CANNOT PAY US WEEKLY IN CASH.  Sorry, it just gets too confusing.


Global Gardens CSA accepts food stamps!

If you’re a food stamps user, we are happy to charge your Quest card, but will have to do this weekly when you pick up your produce.  This year's price will be $21 per week.  It's a good value for the money and we would really like this service to be utilized more!  If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know about it.  Katie is available to explain the CSA process EBT customers or to visit your organization to explain the program.  As far as we know, we're the only CSA in Boise accepting food stamps.  EBT customers are allowed to pay weekly in cash, if their benefits run out.

Just like cash customers, EBT customers join for the season and commit to pick up and pay for produce every week.  We ask for a $21 cash deposit, which be returned at the end of the season if you pick up every week or let us know in advance that you will miss the pickup.

In 2014, EBT options will be available for Tuesday and Sunday pickups only.  Due to a change in USDA regulations, Abdi as a single farmer can accept food stamp payments, but our Thursday farmer collaborative cannot.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Also, delivery is not available for EBT customers, because we must see your smiling face each week in order to run your card.

Do you have half-shares?

Yes, half shares are now available.  See our new website for share options. 

Do you deliver?

Until now, we have not, but this year we will offer delivery if enough members are interested.  Delivery will be $8 per week extra.  We can also deliver to your workplace or other drop-off point for free, if 5 more members would like delivery to the same workplace.  Please let us know whether you're interested in and we'll keep you posted on whether delivery is happening.  Since many refugees are having trouble finding work in this economic environment, this service will provide a good supplemental weekly income for our delivery driver.

Meat Shares:

In 2011 we launched a meat share program in partnership with Homestead Natural Foods.  In addition to your regular veggie share, we offer an optional meat share, once a month, the second week of each month.  Homestead offers a 10 lb bag of frozen meat for $60 plus tax, and like a veggie share, what comes in the bag is a surprise.  Members can choose beef, pork, or a mix.  Beef shares are generally half ground beef and half other cuts, pork shares are a mix of cuts.  You can decide each month whether you would like to purchase a meat share, and payment is due when you pick it up.  Buy buying in bulk we get a discount over Homestead's market and online prices.  All of the animals are grass fed, an excellent choice for local, sustainably produced meats at a reasonable cost.  Sometimes eggs and chickens are also available. 

Fruit Shares:

Due to popular request, we now offer a fruit share.  Most of the fruit will come from Eagle Creek Orchards, an organic orchard in Eastern Oregon (and the closest organic orchard to Boise!), with some supplements from other organic fruit vendors.  The fruit share will run for 10 weeks, Aug 4 - October 6, and will cost $90.  You'll get about 4 pounds of fruit at $2.25 a pound, including peaches, pears, apples, and plums.




How do I join?

Click here to pay online!  



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